How to Ddos Minecraft, FiveM and other game servers

Ddos is a type of hacker attack, which consists in bringing an Internet resource to a situation called “denial of service”. The site actually stops processing user requests and becomes unavailable to users. Moreover, Ddos threatens not only small sites and web resources, but also large sites with many millions of visitors, which also fail.

The essence of a Ddos attack is to send a huge number of requests to the site server, which is physically unable to process them. In this case, only a few requests can be sent from a single computer, which significantly complicates the work of automated applications for detecting spam. The point is that a malicious user can send a virus (disguised as an .exe file, for example) to other users who don’t even suspect that they are being used unknowingly. And then requests to the site start being sent en masse from their devices.

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Why are DDoS attacks so popular?

High efficiency. This is especially true for small companies with small budgets and limited funds to buy special applications and antivirus software. However, practice shows that even specialized services that fight DDoS attacks can be vulnerable to them. A striking example: the attack on Cloudflare, a specialized application for combating DDoS;
Ease of use. You need to have some skills to launch a DDoS attack, but many people understand how a virus works. This makes DDOS different from more complex types of hacker attacks;
Universality. DDoS is suitable for attacking small resources and one-page sites, as well as large portals. The only problem is that a larger number of resources may be required for large game servers, as such sites are usually equipped with special anti-virus and anti-spam protection;
Implementation speed. It does not take much time to send requests if you thoroughly understand the essence of the method. Even large-scale attacks are carried out within a few hours.

Why do I need Ddos game servers?

There are game servers that have a “toxic” audience. Their users often arrange altercations and interfere with the normal development of the gaming community. There is an atmosphere of hatred, which does not contribute to a pleasant pastime in the game universes favorite computer games, such as Meinkraft, Garris Mod, etc. It is also worth mentioning the fraudulent discord servers, which are engaged in dubious, if not illegal activities. In this case, their true nature, they carefully conceal and disguise the existing legislation, pretending to be a normal site with an active community.

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When you can’t expose a fraudster in the usual way, there is only one way to go – resort to other effective methods. One of them – to make a hacker attack, which will cause the server to fail, which means that he will stop working and can no longer offer their fraudulent services.

But how to launch a DDoS attack yourself?

Our company provides an online service through which each user can launch his own ddos attack on the specified server (ddos fiverp, ddos gmod, minecraft, etc.), while having minimal time and financial resources. In fact, the discord of any popular and not very popular game can be attacked. The service itself works around the clock, so it can be used at any time convenient for you.

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