How to DDoS minecraft server

Minecraft server – a popular way to multiplayer games in Minecraft, a platform on which you can play together for dozens, hundreds of players. Game servers have become especially popular recently, when many people were forced to sit at home because of the pandemic. The growth of online games naturally led to the popularity of servers, and Minecraft took a leading position here.

The problems of multiplayer

Unfortunately, some servers are not conducive to a comfortable game, are characterized by increased toxicity and inhospitable. There is a growth of schoolchildren servers, the admins of which contribute to the incitement of hatred, insulting other participants. Another example is the servers, which are trying to advertise unnecessary YouTube channels, promote questionable products. The authors of these servers are often not schoolchildren – they are crafty traders who want to “squeeze out” the maximum from the site.

Peaceful servers have no reason to attack, and there is no reason for it. But if the server has a toxic atmosphere, and play in minkraft quietly does not work – you can think about how to “teach” the creators of the inhospitable site.

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What is a DDoS?

DDoS-attack – a sure way to stop the server, to create the conditions under which it will not be able to work. DDoS-attack consists of a massive one-time submission of requests to the site, and the number of requests is so large that the resource simply can not process them, and “squeeze” under their onslaught.

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As a result of DDoS attack site becomes inaccessible, its content is displayed incorrectly, pages are loaded for a long time or do not open at all.

DDoS can be compared with spam, when a lot of e-mails are thrown to the e-mail, literally littering it. Only DDoS is more dangerous – it can not only suspend the site for a while, but also cover it completely.

DDoS attack success factors

Basically, the success of a DDoS attack depends on the size of the server. If it is a server of a famous company, it is unlikely to cover its work in this way, because large sites have special programs that protect them from DDoS. But the probability of success increases many times over for small and medium sized servers.

Where to order DDoS attack minecraft server?

We can DDoS into the server popular games minecraft, rust, cs go, samp, gta 5, Garry’s Mod, suspend at the time of their activities. As a result, the work of a particular site under DDoS attack will be broken. Also, if you have the need to hack the server SAMP, then we can also help you with this.

We use proven methods of attack in which the source of the “attack” remains anonymous. Do not leave any traces. Conduct DDoS in the shortest possible time, using modern technology in which the damage to the server increases at times.

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