How DDoS is arranged in 2022

A DDoS attack is a hacker attack, the essence of which consists in sending a huge number of requests to a site. As a result, the Internet resource cannot process “garbage requests” and begins to “hang up” and fail. In the worst cases identity theft can occur, further consequences depend on the identity of the hacker.

What services are most often attacked?

In essence, any network resource can be subjected to a DDoS attack if it is not properly protected. This can be a website, a full site, an information portal, a directory. There are special programs such as DDoS Guard, which has a whole network of servers around the world. For a small fee, they check incoming traffic for spam. In most cases, this is enough to prevent a spam attack, with a rare exception when the attack involves hundreds of thousands or even millions of “infected” computers.

Peculiarities of modern DDoS attacks

Contemporary DDoS attacks differ in purpose and method of implementation. Thus, there are attacks on the network infrastructure; on network protocols TCP / IP; on the resources themselves the server. The best solution in this situation is to study the topic of the site and understand what type of spam it is most susceptible to.

Unfortunately, any site has a limit to the number of requests handled. But if you suppress attempts to send “junk requests” at the very beginning, the resource can be protected. To do this, it is necessary to check incoming traffic and see if there are any suspicious requests. The clearest sign of spam is a large number of requests from one location, which may indicate they are unnatural. But there can be a situation when it is just a popular site (that is why many people visit it), so all incoming traffic should be carefully studied.

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DDoS attacks most often involve computers of ordinary network users who do not even suspect that they are being used “under the radar”. The hacker sends requests from the stationary devices that have been compromised to the site. At first, the difference is not visible, as the actions of a real person who wished to visit the web site are simulated. But as the requests grow, it becomes obvious that their only purpose is to cause a load that will lead to crashes and slowdowns.

Methods of protection against DDoS attacks

Modern DDoS methods are sophisticated, can combine different types of attacks (channel overflow, application layer attack, use of unprotected network protocols), but antivirus programs are also well developed. If a person works in a large organization where he has to deal with valuable data, it is better to combine these methods of protection: an advanced IT infrastructure, anti-viruses + help from experts who know the peculiarities of DDoS attacks. Remarkably, such attacks rarely last for long. Often they are organized within a couple of hours, for which the maximum effort is concentrated.

How do I detect a DDoS attack?

It is easy to suspect something is wrong if you carefully study the operation of the resource. As a consequence of cyber attacks, the site may hang up, fail, and not respond to requests from visitors to the network. A heavy load on the processor and RAM increases, which is not surprising, since DDoS attacks load a web page with “garbage” requests. Special programs register the same behavioral pattern with a large number of users and then block it in order to prevent server overload. Of course, if the same number of users visited the site a minute earlier, and then it increased dramatically, the reason may be spam. Abnormal traffic is easily detected by specialized applications and is also easily eliminated.

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Where and how do I order a DDoS attack?

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