Ddos of competitor websites

DDoS attacks are one of the most popular types of hacker attacks. Everything is explained by the simplicity of their execution, because although you need to have a large number of “infected” computers, the principle itself of spam is clear even to beginners. It affects a variety of sites, information portals, marketplaces, pages with ads, etc. DDoS attack can be called universal, because it covers a large list of resources on the Internet, almost any type of site can be broken under its influence. And because even large sites can be crushed using DDoS, this indicates a high effectiveness of the method. The desired result can be achieved in the shortest possible time, often a DDoS attack lasts several hours.

Of course, the advantages of a DDoS attack can also be used for noble purposes. For example, to carry out a so-called “stress test”, to check how protected the site is from hacker attacks. The positive side of this process is its high informative value, the clarity of the results. Thanks to this you can eliminate critical vulnerabilities of the resource, improve the stability of its work.

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You can also use DDoS attacks to disrupt the activity of fraudulent sites. This method was once actively used against MMM-2011 pyramid scheme, where it proved to be effective. The financial site fell under pressure from spammers.

But a DDoS attack is also an effective way to get rid of ordinary competitors and get additional advantages over them.

Why are businesses resorting to DDoS attacks against competitors more and more often?

The financial sector is most often affected by DDoS. A remarkable fact: 52% of companies whose online services are critical to business incurred losses as a result of DDoS. Quite a significant figure. This method would probably not be used so often if it had not proven to be effective.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is difficult for an honest company to survive. It has to pay large sums of taxes, while its competitors use “gray schemes”. And this is just one example of unfairness in business. A significant reduction in the price of services, corruption, bribery, cronyism, monopoly… under such conditions, sometimes you cannot succeed if you do not act “by the same rules”. Or rather, break them.

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Most of the time DDoS is committed by little-known companies. The principle here is simple. When a company has a great reputation, it is less likely to resort to hacking attacks by competitors for two reasons:

Firstly, it already has a large audience and a significant profit margin, so why would it want to attack competitors? And does a successful organization have any? In this case, if competitors do have a role, it is an insignificant one;
Secondly, a well-known company does not want to risk its reputation, which is tied to million-dollar contracts. Yes, DDoS attacks are anonymous, but large companies don’t want to waste time looking for reliable hacker attacks when there is a risk of worsening the public’s opinion of themselves.

Who is susceptible to DDoS attacks?

Small businesses suffer from DDoS attacks more often than large ones. Large companies create an extensive IT-infrastructure, use reliable anti-spamers and anti-viruses and seek help from specialists. It’s more difficult to defeat them with ordinary spam attacks, although it’s possible. Small companies are strapped for cash, so they have to economize on information security and are more vulnerable to DDoS attacks. In addition, they have less money to overcome the consequences of the attack, it is more difficult for them to organize legal proceedings, investigations, etc.

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How to attack a competitor’s site

Our service allows you to easily conduct a self-run attack on any service. No need to resort to the help of expensive professionals. We guarantee a high quality service. The final result will exceed all your expectations: a competitor’s web resource will begin to slow down, if not stop working altogether. Such DDoS-attack costs very little, much less than the amount of damage.

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