DDoS L3 and L4 attack methods

The essence of DDoS attacks boils down to one thing – denial of service. It is a situation when a site or server stops working correctly because it cannot handle a huge number of outgoing requests. Today’s DDoS attacks involve a large number of resources, most of which are “infected” computers of other users. And users may not even be aware that they are being used unknowingly.

There are several classes of DDoS attacks depending on the part of the network that is under attack. L3 and L4 level attacks are in significant demand.

The second class (L3) – is to disrupt the network infrastructure. It helps to cope with this advanced network infrastructure analytics to timely identify and eliminate any problems with the functioning of the network. You also need to check the equipment in transit more thoroughly.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to fight such attacks in automatic mode. First you need to determine the cause of the problem and analyze the network infrastructure. It is not necessary to have your own autonomous system (AS) – data center or provider can also help with the actions of intruders.

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The third class (L4) – in this case the weakest link is the TCP stack whose vulnerabilities are exploited by an attacker. How do we prevent this from happening? Thorough analysis of the behavior of TCP clients and TCP packets on the server will help, as will heuristic analysis.

In this case the network transport layer is attacked. As a result, data transfer from sender to receiver is significantly impaired, and UDP and TCP protocols work incorrectly.

L3 and L4 attacks can attack small resources, listings as well as large online stores and information portals. As a rule, large companies have huge budgets, so they have enough resources to organize effective anti-spam protection. They can also use help of third-party firms and special resources: Cloudflare, DDoS Guard, etc. However, practice shows that even these applications do not provide a 100% guarantee that a resource will not be attacked. This is why everyone suffers from DDoS attacks: small and large businesses alike (just look at the recent and relatively successful attacks on Cloudflare).

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Ddos Guard bypass method

Our company has many years of experience in the IT-industry. The staff consists of qualified professionals who know all about the characteristics of DDoS attacks, and therefore know how to protect the site from them.

We can help you bypass Ddos Guard. It comes in handy in a number of cases:

  • You want to test the work of your own site, to check whether Ddos Guard properly protects your resource and keeps it from third-party attacks;
  • It makes sense to disrupt the fraudulent resource. Such site can be protected from DDoS attacks by means of Ddos Guard, but we’ll help you to bypass the restrictions;
  • Also, with our help, you can get rid of annoying Discord servers and competitors.
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For our part, we guarantee high quality services. We provide the best current technology to bypass all types of protections, so that “Denial of Service” will get even the biggest services.

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