How to bypass DDoS Guard?

Modern sites use different methods of protection, thanks to which it is possible to organize the inspection of incoming traffic. No one is surprised anymore by DDoS-attacks designed to slow down the work of a resource. Sending a huge amount of “garbage” requests, spam, all this can be solved by resorting to specialized software. Or… Continue reading How to bypass DDoS Guard?

How DDoS is arranged in 2022

A DDoS attack is a hacker attack, the essence of which consists in sending a huge number of requests to a site. As a result, the Internet resource cannot process “garbage requests” and begins to “hang up” and fail. In the worst cases identity theft can occur, further consequences depend on the identity of the… Continue reading How DDoS is arranged in 2022

Ddos of competitor websites

DDoS attacks are one of the most popular types of hacker attacks. Everything is explained by the simplicity of their execution, because although you need to have a large number of “infected” computers, the principle itself of spam is clear even to beginners. It affects a variety of sites, information portals, marketplaces, pages with ads,… Continue reading Ddos of competitor websites

How to DDoS minecraft server

Minecraft server – a popular way to multiplayer games in Minecraft, a platform on which you can play together for dozens, hundreds of players. Game servers have become especially popular recently, when many people were forced to sit at home because of the pandemic. The growth of online games naturally led to the popularity of… Continue reading How to DDoS minecraft server

Network attack types

A network attack is a set of actions aimed at creating bugs, lags, failures in the work of an Internet resource; disrupting its stability; and getting hold of the personal data of the users of the attacked site. As a rule, network attacks such as DDoS are aimed at destabilizing the resource, which results in… Continue reading Network attack types